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Our expert team of sales professionals, with over 30

years of experience in the industry, will create and

execute a customized sales program based on

YOUR goals with YOUR merchandise.


After a detailed analysis, Charles Frey & Company will create and conduct a customized cash raising event based on YOUR GOALS.


With your input and approval, CFCO will create and direct a unique advertising campaign based on the desired results of your cash raising event.


Using your historical sales figures, operations costs and your typical showroom floor dynamics, CFCO will create a realistic sales projection.



CFCO will assemble a one-of-a-kind discount structure with a progressive discounting structure for all inventory. Our goals will mirror yours. Move aged and excess inventory ... maximize profit.


CFCO will provide an on-site industry expert who will guide you through the program and keep things on track for the length of the sales event.


Charles Frey & Company will provide at your request fill-in inventory from vendors you already use and are comfortable with. Our focus remains on selling your asset goods.

If you're a jewelry store owner looking to run a cash raising event, let us help you turn your good will into profit as we have

these fine jewelers ...

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