After a detailed analysis, Charles Frey & Company will create and conduct a customized cash raising event based on YOUR GOALS.


Using your historical sales figures, operations costs and your typical showroom floor dynamics, CFCO will create a realistic sales projection.


CFCO will provide an on-site industry expert who will guide you through the program and keep things on track for the length of the sales event.


With your input and approval, CFCO will create and direct a unique advertising campaign based on the desired results of your cash raising event.


CFCO will assemble a one-of-a-kind discount structure with a progressive discounting structure for all inventory.


Charles Frey & Company will provide at your request fill-in inventory from vendors you already use and are comfortable with. Our focus remains on selling your asset goods.

Retirement Event


You've worked hard for a very long time and now it's time to enjoy life a little more! Let Charles Frey & Company make your transition to retirement easier and more profitable.

Moving Event


Moving your store to a new location presents a tremendous opportunity to move aged inventory and generate exceptional profits. Our team will help you to organize this even while you concentrate on the build-out of your new location.

Liquidation Sale


Sometimes inventory remains with us well after its "expiration date". This leads to an avalanche of compounding financial problems. Allow the experts at Charles Frey & Company to help you get out from under the burden of unwanted inventory.

Going Out Of Business Sale


To maximize the opportunity presented by a Going Out of Business Sale takes more than just hanging a banner on the front of your store. Our team will help to develop a comprehensive plan to ensure your sale is both efficient and profitable.

Seeking Buyer Event


You have built a wonderful business and legacy. So closing the doors on "your baby" just won't do. You want to find a buyer so that your work lives long into the future. Charles Frey & Company is prepared to help you make this dream happen.

Remodeling Sale


Remodeling a store is an exciting time for everyone. It can also be a very expensive time. Let our team help you to create the funding for your remodel while making the whole process run smoother.