Family Member Not Sure If They Want To Buy Store

• The Owner Of A 75 year old AGS Store in Connecticut wanted to sell

his store, or close down. No buyers appeared that were willing to pay him

the worth of the store, although his daughter “thought” she might want

to take it over, but wasn’t quite sure when she considered the demands

placed on her by her husbands business, their household, and the kids.

All parties involved wanted to try some kind of compromise:

• The Owner, understandably, wanted a significant cash

down payment.

• The Daughter and Son-in-law wanted a commitment they

could try, yet walk away from without hurting Dad.

• Solution – We developed a “Two-Phase Exit Strategy”.

Phase One – A Retirement sale to get Dad’s

Down-payment Out, and reduce his inventory,

and subsequently the purchase price of the

business to his kids..

Phase Two – A Going Out Of Business Sale,

which was not scheduled to happen (it was used

as a fall back option), in the event the kids

couldn’t or wouldn’t buy the store.

Results – The “first Phase” generated almost a years

volume in 60 days, and gave the owner a large “Cash Down-

Payment”. Three Years Later it was decided to conduct the

second phase after the kids “gave it a shot!”. The second

Phase generated over a year’s volume in 90 days.