No Buyer

 The Owner Of a successful 27 year old store in Louisiana had no one

in the family to pass the business to, and wanted to get over $500,000 in

cash out from the sale of the store. After four years the best offer she got

was $150,000 for the “turn-key operation”, plus “A Pick of The

 Solution – We developed a “Three-Phase approach” which

was conducted from late June through mid January of the

following year

 Phase One – “Retiring Seeking Buyer” which

produced three buyers (none of which was

willing to pay what the store was worth), along

with a counter offer from her original buyer.

What was amazing to her was she had only

gotten two offers after four years of advertising

in the trade magazines, and using “business

brokers”. Phase one produced four offers within

60 days.

 Phase Two- “The Negotiating Period” which

would had been the final phase if someone had

make a reasonable offer. No one did

 Phase Three – “Going Out Of Business”

which again produced over a year’s volume in

90 days.

All totaled the three-phase approach generated the $500,000 in cash she was

looking for in a six month period, and then the big surprise! Her longest

term employee made an offer to buy the turn-key operation for $60,000

additional cash if she would hold a $25,000 note. Needless to say she took

that offer as it was “found money”